Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls

It all started in somebody else’s kitchen. Graham was preparing the fish course at a charity event and I was there to video the action. A short conversation at the end of the evening led me to his front door in deepest Kent. There I was wanting to make video with him and yet our conversation was all about food photography. It was from that moment the journey began and we were talking books.

Under the direction of Anthony Hodgson of Face Publications the photography started in late May. With early morning journeys to the West House (Graham’s Restaurant), we would work through the day perched on a table at one end of the restaurant as customers would come and go, and occasionally ‘peeking’ in at our efforts.

Before we knew it, early July and we were shooting the last dishes and as we stepped outside, Summer seemed to finish and the rain began to fall. All we had to do now was wait for Autumn,  the publication date and launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

PS the video was made: The Ambient Kitchen

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